Camo Dipping


Bor outdoors has been offering camo dipping services since 2007 on a wide variety of items.  Our most popular item is deer skulls as we are also in the business of cleaning skulls.  We are only limited by size of the item, and its ability to hold paint, as well as being waterproof.

How it works: The item is first prepped by  cleaning, sanding, & degreasing.  The item is then primed, and painted to a base color that correlates with the pattern to be applied.  The pattern is then applied by dipping the part through a water soluble film which contains the pattern.  The part is slowly lowered through the film, which wraps around the item as it passes through the surface of the water.  Once the part is completely submerged it is then rinsed off and then allowed to dry.  Once dry the item is then clear coated to protect the finish.  We use either a glossy automotive clear coat, or a flat clear depending on the finish you prefer.

Items that are popular:
Archery Items
Deer skulls, and Taxidermy panels
Gun parts
Automotive dashes, rims and other car parts
Light switch covers and household items
Cell phone cases, TV bezels, Computer cases
If you would like to know more about our Film dipping services please visit for more info and prices.


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